Here’s The Thing


Less than two weeks till Paris Marathon. I’m in the taper and despite a typically up and down training process, I’m feeling good. My last long run went pretty well. I was able to do most of the miles at marathon pace and felt good most of the way. I enjoyed the sunshine, smiling and taking in the friendly faces, wildlife and boats of the River Lea. My mission to say hello to fellow runners and get them to return the favour is even starting to bear fruit. 

I’ve dwelled on the negatives of this training cycle in a previous post, but there have been many positives. I’ve made full body stretching a fundamental part of my routine for the first time thanks to weekly yoga and great advice from the Advanced Marathoning book.

I’ve completed all of my 20 mile long runs. In 2013 my calf swelled up like a ham after my first one. No such drama this time!

I’ve been able to get core and strength work in. When work has been intense that has fallen by the wayside but some is better than none.

I’m already feeling the benefits of the taper and have felt sharp and strong on recent runs. Although I’m working through part of the Easter holiday I’m going to be able to rest and eat well. I know more about nutrition than in previous marathons, although carb-loading in Paris could be a challenge!

I’m hyped about exploring Paris. Its been more than ten years since I was last there. I’m staying in Montmartre, one of my favourite areas. I’m really looking forward to checking out some art. I’ve never been to The Louvre and I want to see the Jeff Koons exhibition at Le Marais.

I’m even cautiously optimistic about being able to parlez un peu le Francais. Hopefully Hugo Muzelle can hook us up with some Paris Run Club connects to make the experience all the more enjoyable. And massive big ups to the people coming out to cheer us on in the race. Some are even cycling all the way. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with you guys and know that you’ll give all us runners a big lift. Its really appreciated.

Here’s the thing. Whatever time I put down in Paris, I’m determined to enjoy the weekend and particularly the race. I’ll give it all I have on the day and of course I’ll be happy if I reach my goal time. I hope to get round the whole course without walking, which would be a first. But more importantly I aim to high-five some Parisians and remember how lucky I am to be able to run, to have the funds to do it in a foreign city and to have a place in New York Marathon later in the year when I can do it all again.

In the quest for PBs its easy to lose sight of how lucky we are.



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