Crew Chronicles 3: WMNRUN100

CC3 Sorrell Crew

This week’s Run Dem Crew was a celebration. Season 17 began, and there were long queues out of our home at 1948 down Bateman’s Row. It was great to see some old faces back for the new season, like Rachel Bonner and Leanne Graham, and I managed to chat to a couple of the new recruits, remembering how it felt when I walked through those doors for the first time. Claire McGonegle had worked her magic and brought with her the very limited edition Run Dem Crew vests that people ordered a while back- big ups to her and everyone else involved in making this happen. I believe registration is now locked off, so thank you to Martin for making it run so smoothly. Continue reading “Crew Chronicles 3: WMNRUN100”

Crew Chronicles 1: Beat the Bus

BtB Legend
Run Dem Crew is a collective of creative runners who meet every Tuesday to explore London by cover of night. To those on the outside, it can be hard to understand what’s so special about the crew and what makes it different from an ordinary running club. I’m hoping my posts will help change that. Over the remainder of the summer, I’m pledging to celebrate each Tuesday session with a blog post, which will ideally come out on the following Wednesday. To kick things off, I’m going back to the last session, when we ran the legendary Beat the Bus race. Continue reading “Crew Chronicles 1: Beat the Bus”

Who I Am And Why I’m Here

Power of Words
I’m a creative person who loves long distance running. I’m here because I love writing, and I want to share my words with a wider audience. After many years of scribbling away in isolation at home, I love the fact these words can be read by people all over the world. I find the feedback from readers makes it more satisfying to blog publicly than to keep a personal diary. You should read my blog if you want to read honest, from-the-heart posts with a running and creativity focus.  Continue reading “Who I Am And Why I’m Here”

Here’s The Thing


Less than two weeks till Paris Marathon. I’m in the taper and despite a typically up and down training process, I’m feeling good. My last long run went pretty well. I was able to do most of the miles at marathon pace and felt good most of the way. I enjoyed the sunshine, smiling and taking in the friendly faces, wildlife and boats of the River Lea. My mission to say hello to fellow runners and get them to return the favour is even starting to bear fruit.  Continue reading “Here’s The Thing”