Usain Bolt and Football


A news story appeared this week in which Usain Bolt is said to be welcome to train with Borussia Dortmund. He’s a lifelong Manchester United fan. So could we see Bolt replace his running spikes with football boots after he retires from track in London at the Athletics World Championships in summer 2017? Continue reading “Usain Bolt and Football”


Radical USA


Next time the media or politicians tell you to look out for signs of radicalisation in young Muslims, remember:

There is a country that brainwashes its children by having them recite a pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning in school before lessons begin.

They produced more weapons of mass destruction in the last 8 years than have been produced under any national leader in history. Continue reading “Radical USA”



In ancient times, when an earthquake shook our world, we interpreted it as a sign from the gods, as punishment for some wrong. In those times, we believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around it. Our egos put us at the centre of the universe as the pinnacle of God’s creation.

But, over time, scientists questioned this, and, by looking deeply into the nature of things, were able to prove the Earth revolves around the sun, and earthquakes are a result of movements of tectonic plates within the earth’s crust, or volcanic action.

We live in a 24-hour news culture. The algorithms behind our social media and news feeds give us more of what we want, like kids eating McDonalds for every meal. They put us, like our ancestors, at the centre of a universe in which everything revolves around us. This blinds us to the true nature of things, so we are shocked when events take place that do not fit our filtered world view.

So it is with Trumpageddon. Continue reading “Trumpageddon”