The Date

William kept his shoes on as Kerry walked barefoot on the beach. She, in a tie-dyed oil-spill dress, high neck, high hem, showing off long, slender legs. He, somehow pulling off handsome with a fag constantly on the go, wearing navy trousers and light blue, flappy-collared shirt. Continue reading “The Date”


The Forest

You feel safe as you traipse alone, drunkenly, from the road into the first fair branches of the forest. Only the moon, rapier silver, lights your way, as you wend through trees to that familiar clearing. At peace in this now-still scene of teenage fumblings, you sweep cigarette butts to the edge with your boots. You build a small fire, set it burning with your second-last match, and hunker down, pulling jacket and blanket round you into oblivion. Continue reading “The Forest”