Bridge Runners in New York City

Epic Shot

Last night I finally got to run with the legendary Bridge Runners in New York and it completely lived up to my very high expectations. Bridge Runners are the original foundation running crew. Legend has it that founder Mike Saes was late to pick his kids up from school one day and was caught in traffic in a taxi. He realised he’d be quicker on foot, so hopped out of the taxi and ran across the bridge, making it in time to pick up his kids. He got such an endorphin high from the run that he’s been running ever since.  Continue reading “Bridge Runners in New York City”


Paris Marathon

The first new post in ages as I’ve been busy with marathons, awards and work!

Its good to be back.

So, Paris Marathon. I love the way running takes me all over the world. This was my first trip to Paris in 15 years. Last time I convinced myself I could speak and understand French better when drunk, and therefore spent the majority of the time in a boozy haze. Its testament to how much my lifestyle has changed that I was returning to run the marathon, and while I had the odd beer, those days of excess are long gone. I feel much better for it.  Continue reading “Paris Marathon”