Elevating Women’s Running


Big up the gyal dem in Run Dem Crew elevating women’s running with some amazing achievements recently. In the past we’ve been known as the friendliest crew but not the fastest. That’s changing. At the start of a new season, here’s an overview of some of the inspirational women in the crew, in the hope it inspires new and old crew-members. Continue reading “Elevating Women’s Running”


Nothing Is Ever Simple With Family


“You never cook me a proper dinner.”

He was bullying her again.

“All the boys at work tell me they come home and their wife has dinner sitting on the table for them. I’m the only one who doesn’t have a dinner waiting when he gets home. What kind of a wife are you?”

“And do all those men stay out drinking in the pub all night? How am I supposed to cook a dinner when I never know what time you’ll be home?”

But he won the argument. When it was over she felt bruised, battered, guilty.

So the next day she decided to cook him a big roast dinner. Continue reading “Nothing Is Ever Simple With Family”