Alvin had alphabetical advantages, and

Blatantly the best bars in the borough, but

Creatively, he lacked confidence and could be crushed.

Definitely, he decided, he didn’t dare to share,

Even in emergency situations. Continue reading “Alvin”



aurora village

Aurora knew they were coming. She had seen it in the stars.

But when she told her husband, Silas, he dismissed it as women’s talk. Her tears of frustration fell on barren ground. The man she loved had grown strange to her. As leader of the tribe, the plainsman was expected to provide heirs. The shame hung heavy on him, and he blamed Aurora. Continue reading “Aurora”

Running Crews- A History

HaroldHunterBridgeRunnersX_Akira Ruiz
Mike Saes captured by Akira Ruiz

With the global explosion of running crews, it seems like there’s a Bridge the Gap event most weekends. With this expansion the message can be diluted, and the origins and reasons behind the movement can be lost in the mists of time. Mike Saes is the godfather of crew running, as sure as Afrika Bambaataa is the godfather of hip hop. One of the commandments of hip hop is that you pay respect to those who paved the way. To quote Saes, “It came from gang culture to boogie crews, popping crews, b-boy crews and now it’s running crews. It’s the same exact hip hop energy which we find through running.” Continue reading “Running Crews- A History”

Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground

I love the adventure playground at my school, Blackhorse Infants. The gnarly wooden fort has two levels, with wooden slats and a slide for getting up and down. It’s the terrain over which we scramble when playing Cowboys and Indians, War and sometimes Kiss Chase.

On the top deck, I feel like King of the Castle as Miss Nelson rings the bell. Craig slides down to the playground, but I need one more moment. I turn my back and look across the yard at everyone getting into line. Behind me, I hear several feet clambering up the slats. Continue reading “Adventure Playground”