Mark Duggan- Black Lives Matter

Mark Duggan

Big ups to everyone involved in Black Lives Matter protests across the UK today.

Yesterday, August 4th, was the fifth anniversary of the murder of Mark Duggan. If Mark was doing something wrong that day, he should have been arrested and punished through law. He did not need to lose his life. There will be a rally in remembrance of him in Tottenham on Saturday, August 6th at 4pm, outside the police station. Continue reading “Mark Duggan- Black Lives Matter”

Et Tu, Brute?


As dawn breaks over stink-hit Britain, cats arch their backs and hiss at felines they don’t recognise. Could they be the cause of the awful smell? It seems best to catty minds to urinate and defecate as widely as possible, in order to ward off a further stink-fest.

Families hold their noses as they knock back eggy soldiers, then adults despair at the ineffectiveness of magic trees in their cars. The smell shows no signs of dissipating.

At The Unspeakably Posh School for Boys, Michael and Boris are deep in conversation. Continue reading “Et Tu, Brute?”

Three Very Naughty Boys


Once upon a time, there were three very naughty boys named Boris, Nigel and Michael. They were the naughtiest children at The Unspeakably Posh School For Boys, but they never got into trouble, because they were just too posh. Michael was good at putting the blame on others. Boris could always make the teacher laugh. And Nigel was so popular with the other children that they always defended him when he’d been naughty.  Continue reading “Three Very Naughty Boys”

Track East with Run Dem Crew

Track East
Picture by Darren Lewis Harris

It has come as something of a surprise to me that I’ve never written a blog post about Track East, the weekly Run Dem Crew track training that has been taking place at Mile End Stadium for the past 4 years. Having attended the anniversary celebrations last night, I’ve decided to put that right with an explanation of what takes place. I hope it will encourage more new faces to come down an be part of the magic.

Track East, Thursdays, 6.45pm, Mile End Stadium, 190 Burdett Road, London

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Hammers and Hard Hands and Black Wavy Hair (Part One)


One day I was eight and Dad didn’t come home.

Mum told us he was working late, but his bed wasn’t slept in. They had separate beds by that time, Mum and Dad.

Walking home from school that next day, Mum told us Dad had been beaten up.  He hadn’t come home because he was in hospital. Continue reading “Hammers and Hard Hands and Black Wavy Hair (Part One)”

Why I Love Japan (And You Will Too)

The people are wonderfully polite

Not in a rigid way. They just genuinely think about other people all the time. Japan functions like our society would if everyone put others first instead of being selfish. Nobody will try to rip you off. It’s lovely.

Cherry Blossom Season


Japan 1

I was lucky enough to land in Japan just as the sakura season began. It was lovely to witness hanami, when people go outside each evening and have picnics on blue tarpaulins in the parks and gardens.
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Running in Tokyo

One of the ways running has transformed my life is that wherever I go in the world, I’m able to tap into ready-made running communities, make new friends, and experience a local perspective. The global explosion in running, and in particular the Bridge the Gap movement, is akin to the acid-house cultural shift in the late ’80s. The drugs have been replaced with endorphins but the love is the same. This post is about my experiences running in Tokyo with Athletics Far East and En Route Running Club. I hope to write about the crews I’ve run with in Hong Kong and Thailand in future. Continue reading “Running in Tokyo”