I have a memory of my Mum wearing flared trousers at the end of the 70s and telling me about yoga. It was a brilliant form of exercise, she said, that taught you real strength and flexibility. At the end of her practice she felt like she was melting into the floor. My Mum’s face and voice were so illuminated, animated and happy it made me want to do yoga, too. Continue reading “Yoga”

Afro Supa Hero Exhibition


If you’re in London between now and the 9th of February 2014, get yourself to the Afro Supa Hero exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood. I went during Black History Month and I loved it. It costs nothing, but you may like to make a donation to the museum on the way out, or buy some of the fantastic-looking Afro Supa Hero merchandise and thereby support the artist behind it. Continue reading “Afro Supa Hero Exhibition”