Old Spice and Cigarette Scented

At last Dad came home, while we were in school, and that evening we were each allowed a few minutes in his room.


A face turned purple.

Mottled and bubbled and lumpen, one eye closed like a boxer’s.

An ogre, a brute, a fairytale monster.

Underneath was my Dad.

Still strong, with hard hands, and black, wavy hair. Continue reading “Old Spice and Cigarette Scented”

Christ’s Christmas Blog


A man claiming to be the third coming of Christ was arrested on Christmas Eve after turning over tables in Westfield Shopping Centre while the public snapped up last-minute gifts. Yelling “Is there anything more un-Christian than Christmas?” he was apprehended in Foot Locker when he tripped over his sandals, insisting “I’m Christ, I should know.” Continue reading “Christ’s Christmas Blog”