Tips for Marathon Runners

Faust 2

After reading Run with Faust’s write-up of the Liverpool Marathon, I’ve been inspired to write a response. I don’t know this man, but his experience reminded me of my own first marathon experience, which scarred me so much I didn’t run for five years afterwards! I’m hardly an expert, but having run four marathons now, I’d like to share what wisdom I have gained.  Continue reading “Tips for Marathon Runners”

Paris Marathon

The first new post in ages as I’ve been busy with marathons, awards and work!

Its good to be back.

So, Paris Marathon. I love the way running takes me all over the world. This was my first trip to Paris in 15 years. Last time I convinced myself I could speak and understand French better when drunk, and therefore spent the majority of the time in a boozy haze. Its testament to how much my lifestyle has changed that I was returning to run the marathon, and while I had the odd beer, those days of excess are long gone. I feel much better for it.  Continue reading “Paris Marathon”

New York State of Mind

Sometimes when you least expect it the things you’ve been searching for come searching for you.

This week I found out I’ve qualified to run the New York Marathon. When I ran 1:24:17 at the Berlin Half Marathon last year, New York was the last thing on my mind. It was Mother’s Day, and as I ran I was thinking about the strength and love of the woman who brought me into the world. I was over the moon with my new PB, and that, I thought, was the end of that…


Continue reading “New York State of Mind”

Mo Running, Advent Running and Paris Marathon Training

So this is the first post in a long while, and hence it’s a bit of a hotchpotch. This is partly due to marathon training- I’ve increased from 4 to 6 runs per week and have covered 86 miles so far in December. Add to that a seasonal dash of the sniffles, a big show at work and everything good and bad to do with Christmas, and it’s easy to see where the time went.


Thanks to everyone who’s been voting for this blog at the 2015 Running Awards. It’s great to be on the final shortlist. You can vote by clicking on Vote/ Publications & Online/ Blog/ anotherwisemonkey here. I really appreciate it. Continue reading “Mo Running, Advent Running and Paris Marathon Training”