2015 Retrospective


Well, that was an emotional year. One of great challenge, great change and much progress. I fell off the blogging radar for much of the second half of the year due to the difficulty I was having in coming to terms with the death of my former student, Bryony Bonekyn. This led me to evaluate what was going on in my life and led me to the conclusion it was time to quit my job of over 14 years and spend 2016 doing more of what makes me happy. You’ve got one life. Thoreau summed it up perfectly, so I’m going into the woods in 2016, metaphorically and perhaps literally. Wish me luck! Continue reading “2015 Retrospective”


Best Books I’ve Read in 2015 So Far

I should preface this by stating I’m very bad at making time to read nowadays. I’m so busy with running, creative projects, Spurs and work that there’s little time left for literature, even though it’s a pretty central aspect of my development as a writer and director. Consequently, although this post was inspired by The Broke and the Bookish’s latest Top Ten Tuesday feature, I’m going to do a top 5, in order of preference.

No Rules

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