Wise Monkey

I’m a creative person who loves long distance running. I’m here because I love writing, and I want to share my words with a wider audience. After many years of scribbling away in isolation at home, I love the fact these words can be read by people all over the world. I find the feedback from readers makes it more satisfying to blog publicly than to keep a personal diary. You should read my blog if you want to read honest, from-the-heart posts with a running and creativity focus.

I love the opportunity blogging gives me to shine a light on running events, theatre or creative ideas that deserve wider attention. You won’t find cushy reviews for brand products here. The focus for the blog up to now has been 80% running, 20% culture and creativity. I’m expecting that to move to a 50/ 50 split moving forward.

I’m a school teacher so use the anotherwisemonkey moniker as my online alter-ego. It’s inspired by the Smallweed family in Dickens’ novel Bleak House.

Thanks for popping by. I hope you enjoy your visit and are inspired to come back and read more.


My sister blog for Spurs fans is over at



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