Mark Duggan- Black Lives Matter

Mark Duggan

Big ups to everyone involved in Black Lives Matter protests across the UK today.

Yesterday, August 4th, was the fifth anniversary of the murder of Mark Duggan. If Mark was doing something wrong that day, he should have been arrested and punished through law. He did not need to lose his life. There will be a rally in remembrance of him in Tottenham on Saturday, August 6th at 4pm, outside the police station.

This picture was cropped and splashed across every newspaper in the country to portray Mark as a thug. In it he is visiting his daughter’s grave.

The 2011 riots began because police officers beat a teenage girl who threw a leaflet in their faces after the family had waited outside the police station for hours and nobody came to speak to them. The media colluded in covering this up.

Of 1500 deaths in police custody, the IPCC have found the police guilty of wrong-doing zero times.

If you think this problem is on the other side of the pond and doesn’t affect you, you are part of the problem. #blacklivesmatter


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