Ain’t No Crew Like Run Dem Crew

Run Dem Tee

Wherever I lay my tee-shirt, that’s my home. That’s been the situation for Run Dem Crew recently, but this week we’ve heard that a new location for our Tuesday sessions has been found, and normal service will resume on January 12th. Whoop, whoop!

That didn’t stop Dan Maskit, affectionately known as Run Dem Bear, from organising one of several unofficial runs last night. After a Christmas break we were all missing our running family and it was great to meet up with some of the crew again and share stories of our Christmas and New Year exploits. We are a community and home or no home, we will make sure we meet up and support each other.

January is traditionally known as the month where the post-Christmas comedown leads to the blues, so I was really pleased to hear about R.E.D. January from Sarah Waite. R.E.D. stands for Run Every Day and the idea is to turn the month from blue to red by getting outside regularly and releasing endorphins., while simultaneously raising awareness of mental health issues. While I won’t run every single day, it’s an excellent initiative and the Facebook group is testament to the fact it’s lifting people’s moods across the globe.

2016-01-06 09.55.31

We met on the junction of St Paul and Leonard St in Shoreditch and then split into Cheetah and Cheetah Elite groups, the former going to Embankment and the latter running to the Greenwich Union pub where we’d arranged to meet a group of the Baby Cheetahs.

It was a really fun run and a great chance to catch up with each other. Dan took us almost 7 miles through Spitalfields and Whitechapel down to the magical Ornamental Canal in Wapping, hitherto unknown to most of us. London looked an absolute babe as her buildings’ reflected glory sparkled across the Thames. We followed a part of the London Marathon route before heading into the Woolwich foot tunnel and (most of us) running up the steps at the far end for a spot of hill training.

From there, it was a simple meander up to the Greenwich Union pub, where we met up with some of the Baby Cheetahs and tucked in to some well earned grub and drinks. I’m not sure if they often get large groups of sweaty runners in on a Tuesday night but I’m certainly enjoying this trend of running for grub in 2016.

2016-01-06 09.55.41

We’d brought our Oyster cards with us and there was further opportunity to catch up as we made our way back to base on public transport. Thanks to Daniel for organising and Gbemi for coming up with the idea. Now I can’t wait till next Tuesday to get the full crew on deck. Bring the noise.


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