First Footing

First Footing Selfie 2

In Scottish and Northern English folklore, the first-foot is the first person to enter a home on New Year’s Day, and a bringer of good fortune for the coming year. Sarah Waite, of Run Dem Crew, arranged a First Footing run on New Year’s Day last year, a leisurely 8K or so from Shoreditch down to the River Thames and back. Having missed out the first time round, I was really glad to take part in the second edition this year.

First Footing 1

Meeting up with this lovely bunch of people and taking in the sights of our city while many people were still in bed wrestling with hangovers was a fantastic way to start the year. Barbara Brunner of EnergyLab kindly let us use her studio as a meeting point and secure bag drop, and it was great to catch up with the rest of the crew as everyone rocked up. We ran as a group at a leisurely pace, and started out by heading down to Tower Bridge. The Thames looked magnificent as we passed City Hall and Millennium Bridge, before crossing at Southwark Bridge and snaking back through the city, stopping briefly for a bit of planking and a photo.

First Footing Plank

It was lovely hearing everyone’s stories from over the Christmas period, and I even found out that one crew member used to play basketball against the school I used to work at. When we got back to EnergyLab we stretched and took some time to write some resolutions, goals or intentions for the coming year.

First Footing Babs

Then we strolled down to the Princess of Shoreditch for a delicious roast lunch, a couple of cheeky beers and a proper catch up. Exciting travel plans were discussed and we spoke about how important it is to take time to check in with people when they don’t come to Run Dem Crew for a while. All in all, this was a lovely, positive way to start off the year. Thank you, Sarah Waite, for organising. May all our runs be this joyful.

First Footing Roast


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