Do What Makes You Happy

I love this talk by Alan Watts.

I play it to Year 9 students when they have to choose their GCSE Options.

Whenever possible, I try to do what makes my heart beat faster, what makes my eyes shine. Running, writing, putting on plays. Nobody’s dying wish was that they’d spent more time at the office.

Every day we’re given 86,400 seconds. If those seconds were units of currency, like pounds or dollars, would we spend so many doing things we don’t enjoy?

Be bold. Follow your dreams. We’ve only got one life.

Make yours extraordinary.



6 thoughts on “Do What Makes You Happy

  1. I needed to see this today. Sometimes I really doubt what I’m doing, think I should just go back to work and get that stable paycheck. I see things like this and think maybe it was put in front of my eyes for a purpose. One can hope, anyway. I’m so glad I stopped by to say hi. I’m going to go and look about a little bit more. And thank you for following my blog. (:

    1. I totally agree. I’ve never had a penny from my parents, and right now I’m finding it difficult to find work having taken time out, but I hope I will work something out in the end.

      1. Yeah, same here! I am struggling too. Not that I am regretting it…but to come to terms with the fact that success comes way too early for some at times and it is exhausting to be struggling to make ends meet.

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