Run It Out- Robin Arzon SOS

Robin Arzon is an inspirational sweat ambassador and role model within the global running and fitness community. For years a key part of the Bridge Runners crew in New York, she has played a role in elevating women’s running to where it is today, paving the way for ladies like Sorrell Walsh to pick up the torch, taking 52 women to this weekend’s Race to the Stones ultra marathon. Photographer Tara Darby  was inspired by Robin when training for her first half marathon, and flew to the U.S. to film Robin as she ran 5 marathons in 5 days across the Utah desert to raise money for MS Research. Tara needs to raise £15000 to finish the film, Run it Out, to the highest possible standard.

With 5 days to go on a Kickstarter campaign, here, this is an SOS.

Can you contribute as little as £5 to the project?

Can you share this post on social media so that others can help? 

Robin 1

anotherwisemonkey is not about promoting brands. However, I’m keen to support other creatives get projects I believe in off the ground. Robin has personally inspired me ever since meeting her at Run Dem Crew a few years back. This film is a great opportunity to spread the word and inspire more people- women especially- to lace up some trainers and run. Within Run Dem Crew, we’ve enjoyed watching McFarland USA this year, so let’s jump on this opportunity to get this documentary about one of our own from the crew movement out there.

Robin’s story is inspirational. Many of us run in part as a way of stress management or to overcome traumatic incidents from the past. In 2002 Robin was held hostage in New York City and nearly died. Running became her release. She turned her back on a career as a lawyer and has forged her own path, proving you don’t need to follow the plan society has mapped out for you, and inspiring others to undo ordinary and do epic shit. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Robin proves every day that the only limitations we really need to fear are those we impose on ourselves.

Robin 2

This film asks the questions “How are you gonna undo the mundane? How are you gonna leave the lesser version of yourself behind and push it?” If you feel, as I do, that this message deserves to be shared on the widest possible platform, please contribute to the campaign here.

I’ll leave you with this picture of Robin with the woman she ran those five marathons for- her mother.


Robin Mum


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