Who I Am And Why I’m Here

Power of Words
I’m a creative person who loves long distance running. I’m here because I love writing, and I want to share my words with a wider audience. After many years of scribbling away in isolation at home, I love the fact these words can be read by people all over the world. I find the feedback from readers makes it more satisfying to blog publicly than to keep a personal diary. You should read my blog if you want to read honest, from-the-heart posts with a running and creativity focus. 

Sunset Big

I’m a member of Run Dem Crew and I get so much from the crew that I love to give back by documenting and celebrating what goes on. I’m pleased that posts I’ve written about the achievements of women in the crew, the birth of Swim Dem Crew and the tortuous FlatLine 10 race have inspired people both inside and outside of the crew. This year the blog made the shortlist for Blog of the Year at the 2015 Running Awards.

Running Awards

There’s more to me than running, though, so sometimes I post about a wider range of topics, from theatre to yoga to musings on how to be happy. When it comes to writing outside of blogging, I’m re-drafting a play called Lost Boy on the subject of child-trafficking. I’ve got a lot to learn, and am growing as a writer through that process but also through blogging, so thanks for being here and for any feedback. I’ve written a first draft of a children’s novel and many years ago had some poetry published.


Professionally I work full time as a high-school teacher, so I use the anotherwisemonkey moniker rather than my real name to protect my identity, like Spiderman. I love my job, as I’m privileged to be able to help nurture creativity in others and the young people really keep me on my toes and push my own creativity. The name anotherwisemonkey comes from Charles Dickens’ novel Bleak House, which is a favourite of mine. I’m a Spurs fan, so run a sister-blog which focuses on all things Tottenham Hotspur.


I’d love to grow my readership this year. I already have regular readers within the crew movement, but am keen to grow my overseas audience. My posts this year have not been as widely read as the last two years, so I’m keen to understand why that is, and hopefully boost readership back up. I hope the blog is also inspirational and worth reading for runners not in the crew movement. Everyone is welcome.


I hope to connect with more runners, as well as like-minded creative people, and to build an audience even among non-runners. For me, blogging is about the process, not the product. We share our journeys and make connections which make us aware of new paths we can take. Blogging success this year would mean blogging with joy, and less inner-censorship (trashing drafts) more regularly, growing my audience and building connections across the globe.


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